New Year, New Me 

Empower & Educate host our an annual New Year, New Me hairstyle give away.


In the spirit of giving, we will giveaway free haircuts and hairstyles to the youth in our community! We intent to raise the bar and extend this event to a larger audience of those who are of less fortune. We are proud to have the support of local Salons and Barbershops in the community who will volunteer their services during this event.


We request that everyone’s hair is washed prior to coming because of the large number of people who may be in attendance. The services that will be provided are limited based on the Cosmetologist and barber discretion.

We encourage everyone to join us! We will have games, food and music for everyone to enjoy!

Service will be on a first-come first-served basis.  

Check out some pictures below!

Event Greetings
Barber & Client Bond
Barber & Client Bond