Meet Our Ambassadors!




Christian Wills is a University of Delaware student, poet, lyricist, musical artist and host of events for the Wilmington downtown community. He's partnered with local Wilmington organizations, created spaces for community engagement, and has helped countless others to speak their voice through various platforms. At 21 years old, he's now the supervisor at UDairy Creamery Market and is set to graduate in the year 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in English.


Christian Wills has become an ambassador of Empower and Educate to help strengthen his relationship with the community. He wishes to see his skills, talents, and knowledge of the arts both improve alongside the community as well as inspire others in his walk of life.




J’Lynn Drennon is from Wilmington, DE and is all about seeing the positive outcomes of changes being made.  She is the creator of Jaay’s Box of Sunshine, LLC as well as #OnWednesdaysWeWearYellow, to help promote positivity across the social media platform.  

She chose to become an ambassador for Empower and Educate simply because of the impact they are making in the city of Wilmington.  She believes it is much needed and greatly appreciates all of the hard work, and dedication that has gone into all of their programs and events. 


"It is with great pleasure that I joined a team who chooses to serve the community in the same way that I like to. I am Team EE!"




Jerrohn Drennon, a Delaware State University graduate originally from Wilmington, DE. At 25 years of age, he is currently a branch manager at Enterprise. He is the  Founder of Helping Hand which is an initiative to help student athletes obtain different materials and sports gear for sports. 


He chose to become an ambassador for Empower & Educate because the work that they have demonstrated and are continually doing for the community in Delaware. 




Daakiah Manigault BA, is a devoted crisis case manager with an extensive background in addiction therapy, working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness/ disabilities and working with families and youth. She is a Delaware implant who has a heart for volunteering and serving her community. Daakiah is the founder of Y.A.N.D an organization that is dedicated to empowering children and youth to recognize that the are more than the labels (diagnoses) that society or even professionals place on them. Daakiah is a  2019 James H. Gilliam Fellow with the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League. She is also a Young Professional and a member of the PTO at First State Military Academy.


She is committed to empowering and aiding under serviced populations achieve their goals.  Daakiah obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Claflin University.  While there, she co-founded the History and Sociology club.  Some of her  accomplishments includes developing and presenting at the 2013 National Case Management Conference, working on a state representative’s campaign and holding various roles on community boards. Her professional plus volunteer experience with a history of collaborating with community leaders, educators, social service providers, psychologists and therapists make it easy for her to connect with an array of community members. Daakiah would like to build a network of resources to empower youth and their families to advocate for themselves within the educational, community, local and state venues.




Jessica Philippe, also known as Ms. Jess is a vibrant secondary social studies Educator. Originally from New Jersey, she is also an avid dancer, fitness enthusiast, host and social justice champion.

She's worked with non profit organizations to create pathways to help residents gain citizenship, as well as serve as a case worker for social services.  As an alumnus of Teach for America and AmeriCorps, her mission is to serve and educate the community by any means necessary. She has been a speaker at TEDx Wilmington, holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Master’s degree in Teaching.


Overall, she is most fulfilled while helping youth find the power in their voice, spreading positivity, inducing laughter, and celebrating black culture. Our deepest fear by Nelson Mandela Is her life’s philosophy. 




Nyemade is a recent resident of Delaware. She moved here a little over a year ago and has been immersed with the community since arriving. In addition to her time spent at her career she also tries to attend and support local organizations whenever possible. She’s a community presenter for NAMI Delaware. She is the Executive Director for Every Man Counts’ upcoming year as well as the Program Director for Empower & Educate. 


Nyemade strives to use her talent for communication to raise awareness about various social issues and community events. She has a YouTube channel where she provides recaps about community events she attends. She also vlogs about her weight loss journey. She’s been published in the Delaware News Journal. She does weekly IG lives where she interviews various people. She hosts monthly “Community Conversations” in an effort to get individuals from different backgrounds together to have open dialogue about social issues. She’s also been the Social Media Correspondent for various community events including the Girls Can Do Anything Conference, the Academy for Peace – Peace Café, the Black Gold Club Networking Mixer, India Sage’s 100 Better Days Book Launch – and many others. As a Mission Ambassador, Nyemade looks forward to using her voice to share all the great things being done by Empower & Educate.