About Us

Empower and Educate, Inc. was founded in July 2018. Empower and Educate provides resources to the community through implementing programming workshops in schools and community facilities. We focus on key components to develop and support an individual’s ability to achieve their greatest desires.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide resources to the underserved community to enhance the education and confidence of the youth, and the adults leading them.


Four Pillars of Focus: We address the importance of creative outlets, community outreach, personal and financial development in a judgment free environment for all.

Creative Outlets

Creative outlets provide a stress relief, reduce negative thoughts and increases expression.


Programs encouraging creative arts outlets will be offered by our organization as a way for individuals to express themselves.

Community Outreach

Our community is the result of how WE support it. We aim to support our local community with programs and resources in efforts to make a direct connection with our community. 

Personal Development

Personal development is essential for healthy development. We cultivate resilience skills that reduce the negative effects of the social determinants of healthy development.


Our interactive programs are offered in efforts to support the development of individuals reaching their full potential 

Financial Development 

Financial Intelligence is essential to building financial wealth. We offer education and resources to equip families to build financial wealth. 

Meet Our Team 

Our experienced team members currently contribute to empowerment and education in communities of Delaware. In addition, they demonstrate the passion and skills essential to fulfilling this organization mission.


Our team is led by our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Chelsey Henderson. As we launch our initiative, our city and state of focus is Wilmington, Delaware.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Mission Ambassadors are comprised of team members who uniquely serve and exhibit passion to enhance our Wilmington, DE community. These individuals were exclusively selected based on their passion and skills essential to fulfilling this organization mission.

This team is our EYES and EARS to the community. Ambassadors share their experience with Empower & Educate with the community. We also discuss and implement what community desires. To provide the community with its desires, programming is highly inspired by ideas from our ambassadors.